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How Clients Review Our Service..

"I have been experiencing excruciating pain on and off for the last 6 months. I was diagnosed with gallstones. Dr Shakir is an amazing surgeon, he removed my gallbladder and I haven’t had any issues since. The pain is finally gone. Highly recommended."

"Dr. Shakir is very intelligent and great at explaining things in an easy to understand way. He removed my gallbladder and everything went smoothly. I think he is a great doctor and I would highly recommend going to him."

The feedback we receive from patients motivates us to continually contribute to the field of surgery.

We sincerely appreciate such kind words and are so glad that you are doing so well. It is outcomes like you that inspire us to excel everyday! cheers..

Dr. Murtaza Shakir

“I have been experiencing excruciating pain on and off for the last 6 months. I was diagnosed with gallstones. Dr Shakir is an amazing surgeon, he removed my gallbladder and I haven’t had any issues since. The pain is finally gone. Highly recommended.” Kristin Stoever

“Dr. Shakir is the best. I was very nervious about my surgery but he patiently answered all my questions. He told me I was in good hands,and I was indeed. Two weeks after surgery I am feeling great not pain at all. Dr. Shakir and his staff, nurse are all great, polite,and very professional. I got the best care and treatment.Mercedes Shepherd

“Dr. Murtaza Shakir is awesome doctor and surgeon. He took the time to explain to me my procedure before my surgery. Even after the surgery he made sure I was recovering well. If you’re looking for a great surgical doctor, he’s the one. Thank you and your staff so much!Sophia Harris

“Dr. Shakir is very kind and personable. It is clear he cares deeply for patient comfort and safety. He was extremely accommodating in performing my surgery within a tight time frame and made sure that I was comfortable with the details of the procedure before he began. Dr. Shakir also took the time to update my family personally during my time in the hospital, which I really appreciated. From the initial office consultation to the hospital procedure, I had a great experience with Dr. Shakir and his staff.Nairah Hashmi

“Dr. Shakir was professionalism, conscientiousness. He is a GREAT surgeon. A surgeon who cares for his patients. He was always there to answer my questions, replying my email at 11pm. With his competence he saved me a trip to the ER at 10 pm, he emailed how to do this and that…Even after going home you can definitively count on Dr. shakir for your concerns. Thank you Dr. Shakir!Gigi Ta

“I was recommended to Dr Shakir by my physician and from my first visit, I was impressed with his professionalism and his skills in understanding that generally, people are nervous when it comes to surgery. He got me comfortable with general conversations to get me relaxed and leading up to the details of my procedure as his familiarity with it. I left his office not understanding why I was excited and couldn’t wait to get the procedure done.
I was schedule Within 2 weeks and checked into Memorial Hermann. The nurses were very professional and caring in my preparation. Once that was completed, Dr Shakir came in and got me comfortable with his assurance that all is ready and was I ready, he was followed by the anesthesiologist. And in and told me of his process and having been through this before, I was really assured that all was ready as I was.
After my procedure, I woke up and Dr Shakir was there letting me know that the procedure went perfect. I was discharged the said evening and couldn’t be more please with the service and Dr Shakir professionalism and caring.
Paul Fortune

“Dr. Shakir is a kind, caring and dedicated doctor and surgeon. He has helped my family so much and goes above.and beyond to ensure all patients needs are met. Thank You Dr. Shakir, Ziomara, Bianca and everyone at the office. Blessings.Nishad Jiwa

“Dr. Shakir has been my doctor since 2019. I was referred to him after an ER visit, and I am glad to have been directed to Dr. Shakir. His bedside manner is awesome, which is very rare these days. I was very relaxed the day of my surgery because Dr Shakir answered every question I had and explained in detail my procedure and recovery. I returned to Dr. Shakir in 2020 and 2022 for additional procedures, and his wonderful bedside manner never changed. You may have to wait a few minutes before he sees you, but rest assured he gives each patient the personalized attention she deserves. I highly recommended Dr. Shakir for your surgical procedures. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and ensures your recovery is going well before he releases you. Thank you, Dr. Shakir, for providing excellent care for your patients!Monica L

“reat doctor, my surgery went really well, the office called the next day to follow up and made sure I was doing ok, my follow up visit went well also, Dr Shakir is well skilled and very friendly, I would highly recommend him to anyone needing this type of surgeryMark Archer

“I recieved excellent service from Dr. Shaki Murtaza and his entire staff. We ran into a challenge with my insurance and his office staff and his accounting/bookkeeping department went above and beyond to get the insurance approved. With their assistances they were able to get the approval completed and the surgery went on with no problem. I would highly recommend Dr Murtaza and his staff. They receive the highest ratings 5. Thank youJannette White

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