Liver Cancer Symptoms

April 25, 2022

General Surgeon Katy Houston

The Liver is the largest glandular organ in the human body. It secretes an important enzyme called bile that is responsible for the digestion process. When the cells in the tissues lining the liver start multiplying rapidly and there is little space for the growth of normal cells, tumors develop causing cancers. The tumor could be malignant or benign, based on the nature of the cells amassed. In case of malignancy, Liver Cancers are detected. The expert team of highly skilled Oncologists at Surgical STX help detect and diagnose Liver Cancer even in the early stages with progressive methods and advanced equipment at the hospital. 

Many symptoms of Liver Cancer are similar to that of other variants of cancer. Detecting one or two symptoms does not necessarily prove the presence of a cancer in the liver. It is always advised and recommended that the patient get a thorough checkup if any Liver Cancer Symptoms are noticed. This helps in the early detection of the tumors and diagnosing them. The early treatment procedures help stop the growth of cancerous cells and eliminate the tumor. There are cases in which major symptoms appear in later stages and the cancer will already have advanced by then. So it is imperative that the tumor is detected at early stages for better survival chances.


The major and most observed symptoms of Liver Cancer are:

-Unexplained weight loss

-Loss of appetite

-Nausea or Vomitings

-Pain in the lower abdomen

-Pain under the ribs 

-Jaundice (a condition in which yellowing of the skin and eyes is observed)

-Dark-colored urine


Frequent episodes of fever and swollen or enlarged veins on the belly are signs that should not be ignored. Abnormal bruising or unstoppable bleeding are other serious warning signs that should be looked out for.

People with obesity and a history of diabetes have higher chances of a tumor growth in the liver leading to Liver Cancer. People with Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C have a higher chance of being attacked by Liver Cancer. It is very important to stay away from smoking and drinking and maintain a healthy and nutritious diet at all times. Frequent exercises help keep the body fit and build immunity. Stay healthy to ward off unnecessary health troubles arising due to lack of maintenance of health.

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